Skilled Nursing Staff

Located onsite at Rowntree Gardens, our Comprehensive Care Center includes our Medicare-certified five-star rated skilled nursing services and New Leaf Agency. Our full-time skilled nursing staff and therapists work closely together to provide complete, integrated services aimed at helping people recover more comfortably, regain their independence, and experience a better quality of life. Skilled nursing and therapy services are provided by a highly trained staff who treat every person with compassion, respect and expertise.
Community Medical Director Gordon Glasgow, MD

Community Medical Director

Gordon Glasgow, MD
Dr. Glasgow has been serving as Rowntree Gardens’ Community Medical Director since 1998. His favorite part of his role remains the interaction with the community members and their families. In fact, Dr. Glasgow says he continues to learn just as much from the people he treats as they do from him. After earning his medical degree in 1976, he completed his residency at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Canada followed by a cardiology fellowship at UC Irvine. Along with his medical expertise and excellent bedside manner, he is devoted to helping seniors live healthier, happier lives.
Elmwood Community Administrator Katie Popov

Elmwood Community Administrator

Katie Popov
A licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Katie brings over eight years experience in long-term care, case management, and emergency preparedness to her role as the Community Administrator for Rowntree Gardens’ Elmwood Care Center. As Community Administrator, Katie ensures that the staff provides the highest level of expert, compassionate care while meeting Centers for Medicare and Medicaid guidelines. She enjoys working with a team that shares her passion for helping others. Every morning, Katie takes a walk through the Rowntree campus to talk with community members and recharge herself for the day. Katie is grateful to be part of such a warm, welcoming community and is proud of the people she works with on a daily basis.
Elmwood Community Assistant Administrator J.D. Gaddis

Elmwood Community Assistant Administrator

J.D. Gaddis
J.D. is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator and the Community Assistant Administrator for Rowntree Gardens’ 5-star rated Elmwood Care Center. In that role, J.D. works closely with the Administrator to make sure community members and their families are getting the care and answers they need, and that Elmwood staff continue to uphold the highest standards of excellence. He loves serving Rowntree’s community members, each of whom holds a special place in his heart. At Rowntree, J.D. has found a second family that is guided by a love for God and for one another. When not with his Rowntree family, J.D. enjoys spending time with his wife and children at the beach, riding bikes, hiking, and snowboarding.
Director of Nursing, Elmwood Care Center Grace Marqueses

Director of Nursing, Elmwood Care Center

Grace Marqueses
As the Director of Nursing for Rowntree Gardens’ Elmwood Care Center, Grace calls on her extensive background and training as a Registered Nurse, caring for senior patients in a post-acute setting. By encouraging collaboration and compassion across her team of nurses and caregivers, Grace ensures that the Elmwood Care Center continues to live up to its Medicare 5-star rating. Over the course of her career, Grace has taken to heart the important lessons she’s learning from seniors, especially when it comes to appreciating every moment as a gift. In her free time, she enjoys watching Broadway plays and musicals and brings this love of the arts to her time with the Rowntree Gardens community members.
Elmwood Community Admissions/Benefit Coordinator Yoly Viernes

Elmwood Community Admissions/Benefit Coordinator

Yoly Viernes
Yoly joined the Rowntree Gardens family in 2001. As the Community Admissions and Benefits Coordinator for our Elmwood Care Center skilled nursing facility, she helps people understand their insurance benefits. She also conducts regular bedside visits at hospitals to assess before they arrive at our Elmwood Care Center. An integral member of our skilled nursing services team, Yoly frequently meets with our skilled nursing staff to prepare them for new admissions and report on individual progress. With over 30 years experience in healthcare, Yoly serves as a trusted resource and source of comfort for families.
Executive Chef Normann Heise

Executive Chef

Normann Heise
Food has always been at the heart of Normann’s life. After growing up in his family’s butcher shop and catering business in Germany, Normann pursued and earned his Culinary Arts and Business degree. He then set out to showcase his skills as he worked to delight patrons throughout Europe. His career path took him to the US, where he has spent the last 13 years honing his craft in the kitchens of restaurants, corporations, and leading healthcare facilities throughout the country. As Rowntree Gardens’ Executive Chef, Normann leads our dedicated food service team in developing and preparing nutritious, delicious menus for our Community Members. His love of food is rivaled only by his love for his two children. Some of their favorite things to do are hiking and camping where, even over rugged open flames, Normann can still bring smiles to their tastebuds.
Social Services Designee David Plascencia

Social Services Designee

David Plascencia
An experienced Certified Restorative Nurse Assistant with certificates in Social Services and Trauma-Informed Skilled Nursing, David brings a deep level of compassion as well as competency to his role as Rowntree Gardens’ Social Services Designee. In that role, David collaborates with a multidisciplinary team to ensure that our Community Members thrive not just medically but emotionally and socially as well. This includes making sure Community Members and their families have psychological support and resources. He is inspired by the dedicated team with which he daily works to provide the highest quality of care and service to Community Members. When not serving at Rowntree Gardens, David enjoys playing baseball and exploring the outdoors with his loved ones, including his three beautiful children.
Elmwood Community Activities Director Karla Tellez

Elmwood Community Activities Director

Karla Tellez
Karla began working in the healthcare field in high school, as a volunteer in a skilled nursing facility. After graduation, she continued to work there as a certified activities coordinator while also earning her college degree in psychology, social and behavioral science. As the Community Activities Director for the Elmwood Care Center skilled nursing services at Rowntree Gardens, Karla focuses on helping community members find and participate in activities that interest them. She especially appreciates the family-friendly atmosphere at Rowntree, and encourages family members to join in activities as well. In her free time, Karla enjoys taking walks with her dog, going to Disneyland, and spending time with her loved ones.

"It is the staff that transforms a place from good to great, and your staff does just that."  — Robert B

One of the area’s few licensed, faith-based Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC), Rowntree Gardens provides a full range of integrated onsite services to meet the changing needs of active seniors.
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