Assisted Living Staff

Community members residing in The Cedars Assisted Living residences are supported by our dedicated team of staff members. Our residential staff is here to make sure you have everything you need to live comfortably, enjoy the full array of amenities and activities available, connect with your friends and family, and have every opportunity to thrive physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Community Development Director  Tiffanie Ward

Community Development Director

Tiffanie Ward
Tiffanie began her tenure with Rowntree Gardens as a Life Enrichment Nurse before making her transition to Community Development Director. In this role, Tiffanie leads the sales team, assists families in need of memory care, facilitates cross-departmental communication, and builds relationships with key partners to bring our community members a full range of services. Tiffanie calls on her past experience working in hospice to ensure all community members and their families receive compassionate, personalized care. A Licensed Vocational Nurse, she also has a Bachelor’s of Science in Child and Adolescent Development, holds certifications both as a Residential Care for the Elderly Administrator and Social Services Designee, and is a Certified Dementia Practitioner. Her personal philosophy includes striving to make everyone feel valued, and living Rowntree Gardens’ mission to be a daily blessing to all she encounters.
Community Services Director  Randy Wayamori

Community Services Director

Randy Wayamori
A member of the Rowntree Garden’s family since 2004, Randy oversees community member services and assists at our Heartwood Chapel. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and is a certified Residential Care for the Elderly Administrator. He believes that what sets Rowntree Gardens apart is the staff’s heartfelt and genuine care for our community members. In addition to the delicious food we serve here at Rowntree Gardens, Randy enjoys the joy and laughter shared by the staff and community members.
Community Life Director  Elias Rodriguez

Community Life Director

Elias Rodriguez
A Registered Nurse, Elias earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington and has been caring for people ever since. As Rowntree Gardens’ Community Life Director, Elias calls on his training to ensure that our community members and staff continue to thrive physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially. He collaborates closely with departments across Rowntree Gardens to meet the needs of community members. This includes providing enriching programs as well as responsive service from a staff that shares a genuine passion for bringing joy to people’s lives. Elias enjoys working with a team that shares this passion. He’s most proud of his faith, his family and his country.
Transition Liaison  Roz George

Transition Liaison

Roz George
Roz joined our family in 2007 as the front desk receptionist. Today, she works closely with our new community members and families, introducing them to the wide range of services, amenities and activities available to help them feel at home. During their first few weeks and months at Rowntree Gardens, she makes sure all their questions are answered and their needs are being met. She also helps our community members transition to different levels of care. An avid gardener, she enjoys the beautiful grounds of our community and stopping to chat with the people she encounters.
Health & Wellness Clinic Director  Veronica Vasquez

Health & Wellness Clinic Director

Veronica Vasquez
Veronica has been caring for people since the age of 18, and has loved every minute of it. She joined Rowntree Gardens in 2010, and she was quickly promoted to Receptionist while she finished nursing school. Learning under the mentorship of the experienced nurses at Rowntree Gardens, Veronica was hand-selected by her predecessor to become the Health & Wellness Clinic Director. While embracing her added responsibilities — including supervising all caregivers and nurses in her department, managing the doctors’ schedules, creating care plans, and providing monthly care assessments — Veronica still cherishes her interactions with community members, whom she considers family. A Licensed Vocational Nurse, Dementia Care Specialist and Certified Administrator, Veronica is pursuing her RN degree in her free time. Her family at home and at Rowntree Gardens is very proud of all she’s accomplished.
Community Activities Director  Kristin Coates

Community Activities Director

Kristin Coates
After completing her Master’s of Science in Kinesiology from CSU Fullerton, Kristin earned her Residential Care for the Elderly and Activity Leader certifications. She soon discovered her passion for working with seniors to help them continue enjoying active lives, discovering new interests, and staying curious about their world. As Rowntree Gardens’ Community Activity Director, Kristin puts together a diverse range of weekly activities and events that enrich community members’ emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, and social well-being. While helping community members continue their lifelong learning, she’s learned just as much from them. In her free time, Kristin enjoys exploring the outdoors and volunteers her time working with at-risk women to help them find a second chance in life.

"Everyone who comes into my mother’s room takes the time to say ‘hello’ and chat. She considers herself fortunate to live in such a beautiful setting with excellent staff, excellent neighbors and excellent food."  — Laurie H.

One of the area’s few licensed, faith-based Continuing Care retirement Communities (CCRC), Rowntree Gardens provides a full range of integrated onsite services to meet the changing needs of active seniors.
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