Honoring Our Community Members

Our community members are the heart and soul of Rowntree Gardens. We strive to honor every individual who calls our community home — every day. We do this by taking the time to ask our community members not only about their days, but about their lives — the accomplishments they’ve achieved, the incredible things they’ve done, and the amazing stories they have to tell. Getting to know our community members is our favorite part of what we do.

Now it’s our pleasure and privilege to share some of their stories here with you. Meet just a few of the wonderful people we’ve come to know, cherish and love as members of our own family.

Live. Learn. Love.

Along with inspiring stories, our community members have incredible wisdom to impart. We’ve learned so much from listening to these remarkable individuals – life lessons about choosing joy, finding courage through faith, and nurturing a life-long love. We’ve taken these lessons to heart, and are eager to share our community members’ insights and experiences with you.

Hear Our Stories: