Dream Flights

Our Community Members on Cloud Nine

Seeing our community members thrive makes our hearts soar. So we thought it only fitting to return the favor. Rowntree Gardens is proud to partner with the Ageless Aviation Dream Foundation, an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that invites WWII and Korean War veterans, their spouses, as well as other seniors who had an aviation connection in their youth, to spread their wings  flying in restored vintage airplanes. Through our partnership with Ageless Aviation, we’ve brought the first Dream Flights to Orange County.

To date, 34 of our community members — including several veterans — have flown out of Fullerton Airport in WWII-era biplanes. They’ve described the experience as unforgettable and exhilarating. Seeing the smiles on their faces and the sense of adventure in their eyes has been pretty unforgettable for us as well. Now we’d like to share their experience with you.

Here are videos of our community members soaring above the clouds and loving every minute of it!






To learn more about the Ageless Aviation Dream Foundation and their mission to spread the joy of flight to retired and aspiring pilots of all ages, visit their website.
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