Gardens Memory Care

Engaging minds and bodies

At Gardens Memory Care, our community members benefit emotionally, physically and spiritually from a wide variety of activities. Carefully planned by our onsite Activities Director, all activities are aimed at enhancing cognitive function, promoting socialization, and encouraging community members to stay active and healthy.

Given the range of diagnosis within memory care, we’ve developed two activity calendars; Friendship Gardens and Grace’s Gardens. Each calendar is tailored for a range of needs and abilities and all memory care activities are closely supervised by trained staff and led in a secure, safe and cheerful setting. Friendship Gardens is for our community members who don’t need as much assistance, can participate in discussions, trivia, art, Wii games and enjoy interacting with friends. Grace’s Gardens focuses on sensory activities for our community members who need more consistent, hands-on assistance and find interacting with friends challenging. Family members are always welcome to join their loved ones for activities and projects. To view our Gardens Memory Care activities calendars, please click the links below.

"I was amazed at how many activities you plan and put on nearly every day. It all seems carefully coordinated and managed for the benefit of your residents."  — Tricia A.

Cognitive Activities

Daily activities at Gardens Memory Care include innovative programs designed to help stimulate and preserve cognitive function, brain fitness, and memory retention.


Dakim BrainFitness™
Clinically proven to significantly improve cognitive performance, Dakim BrainFitness programs employ easy-to-use touch screen computer tools and fun games to strengthen memory and language abilities. Twenty-minute motivating Dakim sessions are personalized to match the needs and abilities of each user or group, and cover a range of topics and activities that exercise long- and short-term memory, visual memory, special relationships, and more.

Memory Magic™
Presented in a board-game format, Memory Magic offers a fun, social activity that exercises a range of cognitive skills including reading, word identification, information recall, singing, and motor skills. Ideal for a group setting, Memory Magic also promotes socialization, reduces depression and behavior issues, and allows individuals with a broad range of abilities to participate. Topics include music, cooking, nature, and animals.

Senior Topic Discussions
Twice a week, instructors from our local adult school visit our community members to host two-hour senior topics discussions. The instructors ask prompt questions and guide the conversation as community members discuss current events and other topics that matter most to them. The discussions provide opportunity for socialization and help our community members feel connected to the world.

Facts and Trivia
We regularly review facts and ask trivia questions with our community members to promote brain activity. Facts and trivia are focused around varying themes to keep participants engaged and interested.

Sensory Stimulation
We coordinate activities specially designed to encourage our community members to use their full senses, including sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

Community members enjoy completing jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles that allow them to have fun exercising their memory and information recall.

Our Activity Calendars
Given the different stages of diagnosis within our Gardens Memory Care, we’ve developed two activities calendars – Friendship Garden and Grace’s Gardens.
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