Full-time Housekeeper

Full-time Housekeeper
Available: Now
We are looking for a Housekeeper for our Elmwood Care Center Skilled Nursing that will fit the Rowntree Gardens Community. Ours is a community built on the highest respect for every person and unwavering integrity guided by our faith. We consider everyone in our community to be a member of our extended family including staff.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Cleans floors: dry mops, wet mops, sweeps, vacuums, disinfects where and when necessary. Performs emergency housekeeping when accidents occur.
  • Cleans movable and stationary furnishing and fixtures: dusts, spot cleans or washes, disinfects and polishes. This includes the cleaning of ledges, shelves, vents, etc.
  • Reports any furnishings for wear and defects to the Elmwood Care Administrator or LVN/RN Charge Nurse.
  • Cleans bathrooms used by residents, employees, and visitors. Cleans and disinfects all fixtures, floors, and walls as directed. Washes windows and mirrors, replenishes bathroom supplies.
  • Cleans entrances and exits as directed for floors and walls.
  • Cleans all surfaces daily or as required, removing dust, dirt, or greasy fil using disinfectants where necessary such as in resident care area.
  • Performs terminal cleaning duties according to established procedure for resident rooms when resident has been discharged or transferred and prepares room for new occupant.
  • Performs cleaning duties in isolation units when residents are transferred.
  • Removes waste and disposes of waste and trash.
  • Maintains housekeeping equipment used.
Job Specifications:
  • Full-time 8am-4:30pm 
    • This position goes by a 4/2 schedule: 4 days of work and 2 days off
  • Housekeeping and cleaning experience required
  • Skills in operating equipment and tools
  • Knowledge of solutions, chemicals, and cleaning supplies
  • Ability to read and understand label instructions
  • Must have conversational level of English to be able to communicate with residents and staff
  • Ability to keep a mature composure in stressful situations and be able to deal effectively with the demands of the position
Due to California State regulations we are required to have all of our applicants pass a Background Check, Physical, and TB test.
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"Kudos to you for creating such a lovely oasis for all your residents"

– Tracy Allspaw