Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified Nursing Assistant
Available: Now
Type: Full-Time
Pay: $19.50-$22/hr DOE

We have openings for CNAs for our Elmwood Care Center, Skilled Nursing.

Applicants are required to complete an Employment Application order to be considered for any position in our company. The Application can be completed in person at our campus or can be emailed as a PDF. Please note that our main forms of communication are via phone and email. We ask that you continually check your messages to stay informed on your application status.


  • Oral hygiene:
    • A.M. Care (bath, shower, bed, etc.)
    • P.M. Care (bath, shower, bed)
  • Provide clean linen when appropriate:
    • Make unoccupied bed
    • Make occupied bed
    • Change and straighten linen to remove wrinkles
  • Give and remove bedpan/urinal. Clean and store in the same designated place after each use
  • Assist community members to and from bathroom
Nursing Assistant will be responsible to assist with such duties in the following areas:
  • Documentation
    • Perform ADL charting
    • Bowel & bladder training and documentation
    • Meal percentages charting
  • Positioning residents:
    • Position community members according to their clinical and physical condition
    • Change community members' position appropriately and as frequently as needed
    • Observe proper body mechanics
  • Dietary needs:
    • Ensure community members receive prescribed diet
    • Place tray conveniently for community members
    • Assist or feed community members as needed
    • Encourage good food intake to promote healing
    • Provide all snacks and nourishments at ordered time (especially for diabetic patients, etc.)
    • Remove tray and inform Charge Nurse of community members' appetite (good, fair, poor, or refused)
    • Provide fluids as needed
  • Vital signs: The Nursing Assistant will take vital signs as instructed by Charge Nurses.
    • Temperature as ordered
    • Heart rate (pulse)
    • Respiration rate- including description (rapid, shallow, deep, regular, or moist, etc.)
    • Blood pressure
    • Assess pain scale
    • Notify RN or LVN of any change or abnormal findings
    • Record vital signs on designated form at times requested by Charge Nurse
  • Transfers:
    • Assist resident to wheelchair or stretcher
    • Accompany resident to a new room or vehicle when necessary
    • Provide with call light and orient to new surroundings
    • Report the resident's condition at the end of shift to Nursing Assistant resuming care
    • Pack and take inventory of belongings for any routine transfers
  • Safety:
    • Ensure beds are in the lowest position and locked at all times
    • Ensure that community members are secured appropriately when transporting by wheelchair or stretcher
    • Assist community members in moving, sitting or ambulating as necessary
    • Verify that needed articles are within the community members' reach (water, tissues, bedpan, etc.) and rooms remain clutter free
    • Check that side rails are in position as indicated
    • Ensure floors are always dry-wipe up spills immediately
    • Ensure good lighting in halls and bathrooms
  • Admissions:
    • Bring community members to and from the room to other areas of the facility
    • Assist community members to bed and check for armband and nameplate on the door
    • Obtain vital signs, height and weight, noting allergies and reporting to RN or LVN
    • Assure the community member is comfortable and oriented to surrounding areas
    • Assist RN or LVN with initial patient interview
    • Perform CNA admission checklist
    • Issue bath basin, bedpan/urinal and fresh water
  • Discharge:
    • Help community members collect personal belongings
    • Assist community members to their vehicle on a wheelchair
    • Remove linen from the unit
    • Return equipment from the unit back to the storage room
  • Full-time AM Shift 6:30am-2:30pm 
    • Flexible - able to work weekends, or 4-2 schedule.
  • Full-time PM Shift 2:30pm - 11:30pm 
    • Flexible - able to work weekends, or 4-2 schedule.
  • Must have an active CNA license
  • Preferably someone who has worked with seniors
  • Requires some knowledge of the nursing services field. Must have Nursing Aide certification
  • Must be state licensed at time of hire
  • CPR and first aid certified preferred
Due to California State regulations, we are required to have all of our applicants pass a Background Check, Physical, and a TB test.

Please contact our HR Department to submit an Application. Phone: 714-971-6821 Email: Careers@RowntreeGardens.org 

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"Kudos to you for creating such a lovely oasis for all your residents"

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