Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified Nursing Assistant
Available: Now
We are looking for CNAs for our Elmwood Care Center, Skilled Nursing department that will fit the Rowntree Gardens Community. Ours is a community built on the highest respect for every person and unwavering integrity guide by our faith. We consider everyone in our community to be a member of our extended family including staff.


  • Oral hygiene:
    • A.M. Care (bath, shower, bed, etc.)
    • P.M. Care (bath, shower, bed)
  • Provide clean linen when appropriate:
    • Make unoccupied bed
    • Make occupied bed
    • Change and straighten linen to remove wrinkles
  • Give and remove bedpan/urinal. Clean and store in the same designated place after each use
  • Assist community members to and from bathroom
Nursing Assistant will be responsible to assist with such duties in the following areas:
  • Documentation
    • Perform ADL charting
    • Bowel & bladder training and documentation
    • Meal percentages charting
  • Positioning residents:
    • Position community members according to their clinical and physical condition
    • Change community members' position appropriately and as frequently as needed
    • Observe proper body mechanics
  • Dietary needs:
    • Ensure community members receive prescribed diet
    • Place tray conveniently for community members
    • Assist or feed community members as needed
    • Encourage good food intake to promote healing
    • Provide all snacks and nourishments at ordered time (especially for diabetic patients, etc.)
    • Remove tray and inform Charge Nurse of community members' appetite (good, fair, poor, or refused)
    • Provide fluids as needed
  • Vital signs: The Nursing Assistant will take vital signs as instructed by Charge Nurses.
    • Temperature as ordered
    • Heart rate (pulse)
    • Respiration rate- including description (rapid, shallow, deep, regular, or moist, etc.)
    • Blood pressure
    • Assess pain scale
    • Notify RN or LVN of any change or abnormal findings
    • Record vital signs on designated form at times requested by Charge Nurse
  • Transfers:
    • Assist resident to wheelchair or stretcher
    • Accompany resident to a new room or vehicle when necessary
    • Provide with call light and orient to new surroundings
    • Report the resident's condition at the end of shift to Nursing Assistant resuming care
    • Pack and take inventory of belongings for any routine transfers
  • Safety:
    • Ensure beds are in the lowest position and locked at all times
    • Ensure that community members are secured appropriately when transporting by wheelchair or stretcher
    • Assist community members in moving, sitting or ambulating as necessary
    • Verify that needed articles are within the community members' reach (water, tissues, bedpan, etc.) and rooms remain clutter free
    • Check that side rails are in position as indicated
    • Ensure floors are always dry-wipe up spills immediately
    • Ensure good lighting in halls and bathrooms
  • Admissions:
    • Bring community members to and from the room to other areas of the facility
    • Assist community members to bed and check for armband and nameplate on the door
    • Obtain vital signs, height and weight, noting allergies and reporting to RN or LVN
    • Assure the community member is comfortable and oriented to surrounding areas
    • Assist RN or LVN with initial patient interview
    • Perform CNA admission checklist
    • Issue bath basin, bedpan/urinal and fresh water
  • Discharge:
    • Help community members collect personal belongings
    • Assist community members to their vehicle on a wheelchair
    • Remove linen from the unit
    • Return equipment from the unit back to the storage room
  • Full-time AM Shift 7am-3pm
  • Part-time NOC Shift 11pm-7am
    • Available weekdays and weekends 
  • Must have active CNA license
  • Preferably someone who has worked with seniors, even seniors with Dementia/Alzheimer's
  • Requires some knowledge of the nursing services field. Must have Nursing Aide certification
  • Must be state licensed at time of hire
  • CPR and first aid certified preferred


Please contact our Recruiter Dalia to submit an Application. Phone: 714-971-6806 Email: DaliaB@RowntreeGardens.org 

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"Kudos to you for creating such a lovely oasis for all your residents"

– Tracy Allspaw