Join our team. Bring joy to our community.

Rowntree Gardens is proud of our staff, who bring joy and comfort to our community members and their families every day. We are always seeking dedicated, compassionate and skilled individuals who thrive on making a difference in the lives of people, through every season of life. We offer competitive benefits, a family-oriented working environment, plenty of room for professional advancement, and the opportunity to help people feel and live better. We have positions open across multiple departments in our community, for individuals with a wide range of experience. Ours is a community built on the highest respect for every person and unwavering integrity guided by our faith. We consider everyone in our community to be a member of our extended family, including staff.

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"This is their home. I work where they live, and that is an honor for me. If you really stop to think about that, it’s a big responsibility for everyone that works here, not just me. Every single staff person. We’re here in their home. We’re their servants, I mean, 100%."  — Zina Quigley