Laura Yancey

Director of Faithful Friends In-Home Care

Laura Yancey

lauranCalifornia native Laura Yancey has worked in social services and in-home care throughout her 20-year career. During her 10-year tenure at Orange County’s Department of Social Services, Laura worked with the Financial Aid Division determining program eligibility for federal and state government programs, including those aimed at assisting seniors. Following her work for the County, Laura opened her own consulting company, providing services that advocated for seniors.

Laura brings this first-hand experience and understanding to her role as the Director of Faithful Friends In-Home Care at Rowntree Gardens. Equipped with an innate desire to help and serve others, Laura manages an extensive team of caregivers who provide personalized, in-home senior care. Laura oversees the screening, verification, training and hiring process for all caregivers, ensuring that each caregiver provides the highest level of quality care, compassion and commitment to the wellbeing of the people they serve.

Laura additionally conducts all in-home consultations then carefully selects caregivers who best meet the needs, expectations, personalities and preferences of clients. She also offers assistance in connecting seniors and their families to funding resources for care and services. Laura remains available and accessible to all clients and families, who are welcome to contact her anytime with questions or concerns.

Send Laura a message or give her a call at 714-530-9100.